Lauriane joined the FOS Europe team in February 2022 after 10 years of regular collaboration with FOS on several projects. She helps with conservation planning and management through training and guidance to conservation teams. She also provides technical support as needed in the context of the active project portfolio of FOS Europe.

Before joining FOS, Lauriane was a freelance consultant, mainly providing translation services and project support for international NGOs and governments, for example Rainforest Alliance, WWF, USFWS, and Gabon National Park Agency. In another life, she studied Zooarchaeology.

Lauriane likes to spend time in her vegetable garden, trying to be self-sufficient in vegetables, at least during summertime.

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Interests: Training and teaching conservation and adaptive management, bird/wildlife watching, vegetable gardening, hiking.


  • MSc in Ecological Assessment & Biodiversity management and conservation – University of Aix-Marseille (France)
  • MSc in Paleoanthropology and Prehistory – University of Bordeaux (France)
  • BSc in Earth Sciences – University of Bordeaux (France)

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