Judy joined the FOS team in 2013 as a Program Officer. She’s based in Arlington, Virginia but considers herself more Californian at heart and also enjoyed living in Chile and Argentina. Before Judy started working with FOS, she was the director of programs for Defenders of Wildlife, Audubon California, and her local land trust. Judy has dedicated more than 30 years of her professional life to different aspects of conservation in local, national, and international contexts. Lately, she gets most excited about her work when project teams use evidence to improve the effectiveness of their conservation strategies in tangible ways – i.e., “go full cycle” – yes, nerdy, but true.

Languages: English, Spanish

Interests: Evidence-based conservation, learning networks focused on the effectiveness of conservation strategies, climate change, surviving the teenage years of her two sons.


  • MSc Environmental Planning and Policy – MIT, Boston, MA
  • BSc Landscape Architecture  – University of California, Davis, CA

Contact Judy to learn more about her work: judy@fosonline.org