Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary – Celebrating Conservation Standards Courses at UW-Madison’s Nelson Institute

The Nelson Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was inspired by Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin who is best known as the founder of Earth Day in 1970.  Earth Day sparked an international movement that continues today to highlight the importance of protecting the environment for human wellbeing and promotes collective action to resolve environmental problems. 

FOS is contributing to this mission to resolve environmental problems through its ongoing partnership with the Nelson Institute.  We offer hands-on courses in the Conservation Standards that are training the next generation of conservation professionals to use the best available evidence to design and adaptively manage projects to effectively address today’s environmental problems.  Our in-person and virtual courses in the Conservation Standards provide a step-by-step methodology that equips conservation practitioners and teams with tools to design and implement effective conservation projects and programs. 

Courses include:
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