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Training tomorrow’s conservation leaders

We partner with universities to develop curricula and courses that better prepare future conservation practitioners to navigate and take on conservation challenges. These courses cover a wide variety of topics including: project design and planning; monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment; data analysis; documentation of lessons learned; and communication of results.

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Universities are at the forefront of training tomorrow’s conservation leaders and play a critical role in building a community of effective and collaborative practitioners. Faculty and staff strive to offer conservation programs that prepare students with the skills and best practices to manage complex conservation projects post-graduation. To that end, conservation programs should offer practice-based curricula that incorporate the most current developments in conservation practice, including training in a common framework for conservation project management.

Conservation Planning Course at UW-Madision

Arlyne Johnson uses the Open Standards, Miradi, and Miradi Share to teach conservation planning, a core course for the Professional Master’s Program in Environmental Conservation at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Student groups complete plans for conserving endangered wildlife and their habitats with FOS partners including USFWS National Wildlife Refuges Region 8, the International Crane Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, and Endangered Wildlife Trust.

Teaching Adaptive Management Network

TAM is an online network that brings together faculty, staff, and students from universities across the world, providing a forum for sharing tools and lessons for incorporating adaptive management training into graduate conservation programs. Our TAM representatives work to track current courses that focus on good conservation practice, identify gaps in the coverage of current curricula, and support teams to develop new curriculum. 

Open Standards short course at Yale

We work with students like those at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies to develop their conservation planning skills during short, in-person workshops. Or recent training with Yale students included an introduction to the Open Standards using a hands-on approach with sticky tarps and index cards – the real workshop experience!