Foundations of Success

Foundations of Success, Inc. is a Maryland-registered nonprofit corporation with 501(c)3 status. Our roots go back to the 1990s when Richard Margoluis, Nick Salafsky, and Janice Davis worked for the Biodiversity Support Program. This work culminated in the publication of Measures of Success, a practitioner-friendly guide to designing, managing, monitoring and learning from conservation projects. In 2000, Richard, Nick, and Janice used these principles to launch Foundations of Success. In recent years, FOS has joined with like-minded partners in Europe and Latin America to create the FOS Collective – a global team of individuals and organizations working with partners around the world to continue to build the foundations of success for conservation.

Board alumni

Previous FOS US Board Members

FOS US is grateful to the previous members of its Board of Directors for their dedicated service and support over the years.


What’s it like to work with us?

FOS staff are our go-to experts for WCS staff training on results-based management. We were delighted they agreed to help our FAO, CIRAD and CIFOR partners on an EU project get up to speed on using theory of change to guide project monitoring, evaluation and learning. FOS is the battery that recharges all of our efforts to measure our conservation progress and adapt what is working and stop doing what is not.

David Wilkie | WCS

As a true testament, many of the almost 40 participants representing 7 countries, governments, NGOs, academia and industry commented to me about how effective the facilitators were. It was truly an inspiring and positive experience and I really feel that the end product sets us up well to move forward with on the ground conservation actions that will be directed in the most meaningful way.”

Alaine Camfield, PhD | Canadian Wildlife Service


Experienced, innovative leaders

The FOS Collective is comprised of FOS US, FOS Latin America & Caribbean (LAC), FOS Europe, and FOS Africa. We share the same vision and mission, carry the FOS brand and logo, and make use of and contribute to the intellectual property of The FOS Collective.