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Taking conservation to scale

The FOS Scaling Challenge

Are you wondering how to go from a pilot project or initial idea to achieving impact at scale?

Conservation is complex. And trying to address issues on a larger scale only increases that complexity. There’s a lack of tools that help you go from lofty, vague descriptions of good things that will happen at scale to ambitious yet measurable goal statements.

And it is even more difficult to understand what the mechanisms of scaling are: to get from a small pilot idea to impact at scale, what needs to happen?

The FOS Scaling Challenge is a step-by-step method that you can use to road-test your scaling idea. It helps you sketch out your scaling strategy by mapping out how the system works, defining the ultimate change you want to see, clarifying how you can get there, and checking the feasibility of the strategy.

In only a couple of hours, you will have a clear roadmap that helps you make a go/no-go decision and acts as an outline for your full scaling strategy.

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Will your idea scale?

Try the FOS Scaling Challenge!

Try the Scaling Challenge yourself by creating your own copy of this slide set or contact us for facilitation support.

We are working actively to improve the FOS Scaling Challenge and would love to hear about your experience using it! Please contact us to share your feedback. Include a link to your end result if you are comfortable sharing it with us.


The FOS Scaling Challenge in six partner programs

The six conservation programs in the learning network tested the FOS Scaling Challenge by applying it to their scaling strategies. The examples show how different real-world programs can apply the Challenge to find their scaling pathways.

Get support

Take your idea to scale

Contact us for facilitation support on the scaling challenge! We will arrange anything from a brief consult to a fully facilitated workshop to walk you through the process of scaling your project, program, or idea.