Pathways to Success

Taking Conservation to Scale in Complex Systems

Pathways to Success – Live Webinar Series

Starting 26th January, we will be hosting a series of live webinars covering key topics from the book. Join us for deeper dives on content and opportunities to ask questions of the authors and guest speakers from the conservation community.

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Webinar 1: Book Launch and Q & A

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Join us on 26th January at 4PM ET for the official book launch of Pathways to Success, a Q&A session, a deeper discussion on pathways, projects, and programs. Join the webinar for a chance to win free copies of the book! 

Speakers: Nick Salafsky, Richard Margoluis, Anna Balla
Moderated by: Coming soon

Webinar 2: Shared Situation Models

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Webinar 3: Scaling Strategy Pathways

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Webinar 4: Synthesizing Existing Evidence

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Webinar 5. Monitoring & Adapting

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Webinar 6. Collaborative Learning

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