Marcia is a Senior Program Officer with FOS and plays a lead role in training and capacity building for conservation programs in strategic planning and monitoring and evaluation. Marcia co-leads graduate courses in adaptive management at the University of Maryland (UMD) and Virginia Tech and has worked with her colleagues to develop many of FOS’ training materials (presentations, manuals, handouts, and articles). Since joining FOS in 2002, she has facilitated strategic planning processes for numerous conservation programs in sites such as the Gulf of California, Galapagos, Eastern Arcs and the Central American Pine-Oak ecoregion. She has facilitated inter-institutional, multi-stakeholder planning processes for Lake Ontario and Lake Huron. She also has an extensive background in designing and conducting evaluations. Before joining FOS, Marcia worked for TNC as project coordinator in charge of evaluation for a regional, Central American coastal zone management project funded by USAID. She directed a conservation research project in Guatemala and Honduras for RARE on the hydrologic and socioeconomic value of cloud forests. Marcia has an M.F. (forestry) from Duke University and a B.A. in environmental studies from Brown University.