Soledad joined FOS LAC in March 2023 after a couple of years of collaboration with FOS in several projects (Measuring Impact II, USAID, Project Finance for Permanence in Chile; Amazon Waters Initiative, WCS, and other partners). Soledad worked for several years as a junior researcher on biodiversity conservation in a Latin American NGO and after that, as a biodiversity specialist for different projects for the Uruguayan Government. During the last years, she worked as a Director of a Protected Area in the coastal lagoons in the east region of Uruguay, and as a Biodiversity and Protected Areas Specialist for the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Food and Agriculture United Nations Organization. As a consequence of their work, she has long experience in facilitating conservation processes with different stakeholders and conservation teams working in nature management and conservation, both remotely and in person in groundwork. 

Languages: Spanish, English, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian

Interests: Team building and coaching conservation teams, biological research in conservation + biking and swimming, playing with my little girl, spending time with my family, traveling around the world and learning from other cultures


  • MSc. Master in Biological Sciences – University of the Republic in Uruguay
  • BSc Biology – University of the Republic in Uruguay

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