Linnea joined FOS Europe in October 2022. She loves working with people: her background before getting a BSc in Conservation biology was in hospitality, and she has a degree in hospitality management, focusing on marketing and revenue management. As a biologist, she has worked with freshwater biology and fisheries management at a county board in northern Sweden. She is now training to become a conservation coach and is passionate about the intersection between sociology and ecology, creative and collaborative solutions to complex conservation issues, systems thinking, and adaptive management.

Languages: English, Swedish. Has also studied Italian, Spanish, and French.

Interests: Traditional ecological knowledge, botany, spending time by rivers and in old-growth forests. She is always happiest in nature, preferably by a river with her dog, good friends and a fly-fishing rod. During winter, she enjoys trying to knit an Icelandic wool sweater and ski with her husky-mix without falling over.


  • MSc in Conservation and management of fish and wildlife, currently finalizing thesis work at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå, Sweden
  • BSc in Biology. Karlstad University, Karlstad, Sweden
  • HVE diploma in Hospitality Management, Yrgo Higher Vocational Education, Göteborg, Sweden

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