MiradiShareLogo-version2Over the past decade, thousands of practitioners in leading conservation and natural resource organizations around the world have been using Miradi Desktop software to adaptively manage individual projects. Now Miradi Share 1.0 provides a cloud-based system that enables leaders and funders to manage, track the performance of, and improve the effectiveness of  portfolios of projects that make up a program.  Miradi Share enables its users to:

  • Collaborate More Effectively – Project teams use Miradi Share to quickly share information online with all stakeholders.
  • Build Support – Managers use Miradi Share to roll-up individual project accomplishments to show overall program performance.
  • Conservation – Practitioners use Miradi Share to share their work so that we can all learn from one another.

Check it out for yourself at  www.MiradiShare.org, or contact info@miradishare.org for a guided tour.

Miradi Share is a project of Foundations of Success in collaboration with Sitka Technology Group.