Conservation Coaches Network


In 2009, along with The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, and Greening Australia, FOS became a charter founder of the Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet). CCNet’s mission is “to catalyze effective conservation across lands and waters worldwide through action planning, coaching, knowledge sharing, and innovation.” CCNet works closely with the Conservation Measures Partnership to identify, train, and support coaches using the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation. This network will allow FOS and its partners to more effectively and efficiently expand adaptive management support and facilitation to conservation teams across the globe.
Specifically, a regional network of coaches is emerging rapidly in Europe. Coaches from different countries, different organizations and different levels of experience are joining forces to build the capacity of individuals, teams, and entire organizations throughout Europe to do adaptive management. This European network focuses on the application of the CMP Open Standards to area and site management. Many of the coaches are therefore staff of government agencies and other organizations responsible for the management of a specific area. In Scandinavia the network is expanding most rapidly, involving people from Sweden, Norway and Finland. Also in the Mediterranean, the network is growing with coaches from Italy, Greece, Spain, France, and North-Africa.


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April 13, 2010