As a Senior Program Officer at FOS, Ash supports learning and adaptive management practices for both marine and terrestrial conservation projects. She’s currently based in Western New York where she enjoys outdoor adventures with her pup, Lycaon. She works globally, primarily in francophone Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. Ash values diversity, equity, and inclusion, and has aimed to include these principles in her work at FOS since she joined the team in 2016. She’s interested in effective conservation solutions that meet the needs of both the natural world and local communities. In addition to programmatic work, Ash supports FOS communications and collaborates with partners to develop tools, guidance, and best practices for improving conservation. Ash also sits on the FOS US Board.

Languages: English, French, Pula Fuuta

Interests: Alternative livelihoods, social responsibility and equity, locally-led marine resource management, cross-project learning, wildlife spotting, freediving


  • MSc Environmental Conservation –Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • BSc Wildlife Research and Conservation – University at Buffalo

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