Arlyne has worked in international conservation for over 35 years.  She spent 25 years directing international wildlife research and conservation programs for the Wildlife Conservation Society in Amazonian Ecuador, the highlands of Papua New Guinea, and in Lao PDR.  She later served as a Senior Program Officer with FOS for 10 years, where she specialized in developing tools for guiding teams – primarily in Asia, Africa, and the U.S. –  to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their conservation programs.

Arlyne is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she teaches Conservation Planning in the Environmental Conservation Professional Master’s Program. She is dedicated to using monitoring and evaluation to uncover solutions to applied conservation problems while building the capacity of the next generation of conservation practitioners.

Arlyne holds a B.A. in Biology from Concordia College, and an M.Sc. in Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development, and a Ph.D. in Environment and Resources, both from the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.