Jens (re-) joined FOS Europe in 2019 and is currently based in The Netherlands. When not working, Jens likes to be outdoors, either camping and hiking with his family, sailing, riding motorbike or playing sports, which preferably involves getting wet. Jens has worked in the Dutch Caribbean on MPA management, coordinated and conducted scientific research projects including fisheries and coral reef ecology and ignited and developed an environmental education program. In a previous 14-year career in the IT sector in The Netherlands and Australia, Jens supported project management and planning, business process analysis, technical implementations and capacity building as a trainer. During his career change to follow his passion for (marine) conservation, Jens saw the potential and need for results-based conservation management and did his internship with FOS Europe and the Swedish government applying adaptive management to MPA network management and governance. He’s happy to be back on board.

Languages: Dutch, English

Interests: Marine conservation and governance, participatory fisheries management, innovative technological solutions, loves the water but also likes to build bridges, different cultures and ways of life, raising his two daughters without losing more hair (lost battle)


  • BSc in Coastal and Marine Management (major in Marine Biology) – Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
  • Vocational education in Marketing, Business and Information Technology through several institutes

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