Nick Salafsky helped start FOS way back in 2000. He currently is FOS US Executive Director and Board Secretary, based in the Washington DC area. In this role, he works with conservation practitioners across the United States and around the world to define clear and practical measures of conservation success, determine sound guiding principles for using conservation strategies, and develop the knowledge and skills of individuals and organizations to do good adaptive management. Nick also helped create and manage Miradi Software and recently co-authored the book Pathways to Success. Prior to starting FOS, Nick worked for the MacArthur Foundation and the Biodiversity Support Program, supporting conservation work across the Asia/Pacific Region. Nick also spent several years in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, conducting interdisciplinary research on a locally developed agroforestry system and the behavioral ecology of the red-leaf monkey. Nick is also currently a Thematic Chair for the World Commission on Protected Areas, a CCNet certified conservation coach, and an assigning editor for the journal Conservation Science and Practice. Nick spends much of his spare time chasing hockey pucks, flying discs, tennis balls, and his two daughters.

Languages: English

Interests: Theories of change, evidence, geeky taxonomy and lexicon projects, beer-league hockey, ultimate, and tennis, biking, alternative history, bridge, word puzzles


  • PhD in Environmental Studies and MA in Resource Economics, Duke University
  • BA in Biological Anthropology, Harvard University

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