Varsha joined the FOS team in 2020 after completing her Master’s capstone project as an intern where she co-developed the Conservation Actions and Measures Library 2.0. In addition to her work as a Program Officer, she specializes in research, innovation, and learning projects such as the Taking Conservation to Scale Learning Network. After completing her bachelor’s in life sciences research, Varsha decided to follow her passion and change paths to use her skills to advocate for effective conservation solutions. She is also an artist and illustrator and supports the team’s creative communication and outreach needs. Varsha is passionate about working at the intersection of conservation planning and resilience building through the lens of human well-being.

Varsha grew up in Bangalore, India, and is currently based out of New York City. Her favorite hobby is urban walking to explore the history and makings of a city. She also enjoys discovering new eateries with great veggie options, painting, and spending time with her little fox-like dog, Xena.

Languages: English, Tamil, Hindi

Interests: Understanding & leveraging behavior change for conservation outcomes, promoting evidence use, climate resilience building, scaling conservation solutions, design & communications


  • M.S. Environmental Conservation, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • B.Tech Genetics, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India

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