Vinaya Swaminathan is a Senior Program Officer with FOS. Since joining the FOS team in 2006, Vinaya has helped teams with their biodiversity conservation work across the globe, though her primary focus lies in sub-Saharan Africa. She has also led the development and expansion of academic courses in the Conservation Standards as part of applied graduate programs. Vinaya’s background is in conservation biology, with field experience through the US National Parks system, Wildlife Conservation Society, and a college semester abroad in Tanzania.

In her spare time, Vinaya sings in a local choir, practices yoga, and gets outside as much as possible with her family. Vinaya is based in the United Kingdom, which is conveniently mid-way between her family living in the United States and in India.

Languages: English, Tamil

Interests: Enhancing human well being through biodiversity conservation, sustainability in wild meat, bridging the divide between conservation evidence and practice, hiking and being outdoors, vegetarian cooking


  • MSc Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology – University of Maryland at College Park
  • BSc Biology: Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation – University of Texas at Austin

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