llke is co-director of FOS Europe and lives in the Netherlands. Since joining the FOS Collective in 2007, Ilke has focused on participatory and integrated management of terrestrial, marine and coastal protected areas in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greece and The Netherlands and has worked with NGOs, Government Agencies and private Foundations all over Europe, in Asia, Africa and beyond.

Her role typically changes over time, from process leader, trainer, coach, facilitator to that of a more distant peer. She is comfortable focusing on the process side, as well as on the technical content –as long as the work is anchored in the practical context of real conservation challenges. Her work often involves building coalitions between conservation actors – bundling their individual strengths to collectively have a greater impact.

Since 2010, Ilke is advisor to the MAVA Foundation and its partners and supports adaptive management across a portfolio of larger programs in Switzerland, the Mediterranean, and Coastal West-Africa. She was the (founding) co-leader of the European Conservation Coaches Network – a community of practice committed to solid conservation management. In all, Ilke has close to two decades of experience in strategic planning, evaluation, project management, and fundraising for conservation programs around the world. Ilke has an M.Sc. in environmental management from the University of London and a B.B.A. from the Hotelschool – The Hague.